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  • Ebokem

    Dear sir / madam.
    I am an international student from Cameroon willing to study a bachelor degree program in Forestry.I will like to know the embassy which is responsible for Cameroon.
    I will also like to know if some schools like Agricultural schools offer bachelor programs in english.
    Best regards.

  • richard agbesi

    Dear Sir,

    we want to know if your office can accept our visa application for business purpose to visit our pricinpals in poland.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Mr. Agbesi

  • Deslyn Mothae

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I\’ll be visiting a friend of mine in Poland for her wedding, and is aware that i need a Visa to do so. Please just advise how and where i could obtain one, and also which documents will be needed.I\’m South African but will be flying from Scotland to Poland.

    Thank you and regards.

    Ms D Mothae

  • Theo Smit

    Good Day

    Really hope you can help, my wife to be is a polish citizen, but is currently working in the UK. The plan is that she will move to South Africa this August.
    I need to know what whe have to do from here on to organise her visa. She did spoke to the RSA Embassy in London today, but told her that she will need a letter from her employer to be in RSA, stating that her job was advertised in RSA, but no-one capable was found. At this stage we really don\’t know in which direction to go.
    Please help us in this matter, will be highly appreciated

    Theo Smit

  • Philip

    Hi Theo

    Please see the below page regarding the Polish Embassy in South Africa. If you are a South African citizen I would recommend that you go to the home affairs office and request a visa based on her being your spouse. You will need to take marriage certificates and copies of all identification.

    If you are not in South Africa, you will need to go to the South African Embassy and do the same.


  • Edward Wilkes

    hu there…

    i am a south african citizen studying in england

    my girlfriend is a polish citizen and is coming to stay with me in south africa for a three week holiday in december..

    will she need a visa? if so, where can she get one?

    Edward Wilkees

  • Russel

    Hi, I’m a South African living in UK on an Ancestral Visa, I also have a Schengen visa allowing me to travel between the 15 Schengen countries. Do I need a separate visa to travel in Poland. My girlfriend who is Polish and myself plan to holiday in Zakopane at the end of November.

    Thanks in advance



  • Kamil Ryczter


    During the December holidays, what days will the embassy be closed for passport application purposes.



  • Andrea S


    I am South African and my partner is Polish. We are currently living in London but are now expecting our first baby. We have decided to relocate to South Africa for an indefinite period. We are not married, but do live together. Does my partner require a visa to live and work in South Africa?

    I appreciate any assistance.

    Many thanks,

  • Andrew Fraser


    My girlfriend is a Polish citizen who will be landing in South Africa on the 17th of june, her flight departs from South Africa on the 17 of July, We only realised recently that this may be 31 days. Can you confirm whether it will be counted as 30 or 31 days and whether she will require a visa for 31 days?

    Thank you very much, any help will be much appreciated

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