Leaving South Africa – Not so fast!

We had dinner and drinks tonight in the hope of planning a trip to Mozambique for late December.

There were some good deals to be had, to places like Zanzibar, who are subsidizing incoming tourists. Mauritius, seeing their market share being eaten up is getting in on the game. But at peak season…Hmmm. Maldives, Seychelles and the Comoros are all crazy expensive and I think are not bothered about catering for South African Rand bearers, withour 7.5 to $1 Exchange rate. Yuchh.




The more flights we looked up the worse it became, as it is a last minute thing is so darn expensive especially for a larger group.

A return from Cape Town to Maputo (Mozambican capital) is around R4000 ($600) On the other hand you can get a return to London for R 5000 ?? I just want to get a few measly thousand Kilometers up the coast. Having spent time in the UK and US, you take for granted cheap domestic and competitive longer-haul flights, but not here at the tip of Africa, with no cross border competition for SAA. Getting here seems cheap enough from abroad, but leaving is a different story, especially with the exchange rate not working nicely in our favor.


So, what to do? I am sure we’ll make a plan, even if it’s a 6-in-a-car road trip!

2 thoughts on “Leaving South Africa – Not so fast!

  • coda

    Hi Philip, please keep us updated on your plans as I’m hoping to make the same trip (Jozi to Mozi from CT) sometime soon. I find road trips are a much richer experience (if you have the time and patience) but it would be nice to have options.

    Also good to see some energy on this blog again, keep it up!

  • Philip

    Hi Coda, I too love road trip\’s, but if you saw the state of my vehicles at the moment, it would be suicide (1981 Merc and 1973 Peugeot 404). We can perhaps get our hands on a Landy, and the accomodation is 95% sorted. Will keep you posted.

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