Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth

peThe Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium is the first football dedicated stadium in the city or surrounding areas of Port Elizabeth. It was newly built for the 2010 World Cup and was completed one year prior to the game. Prior to the construction of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, international football matches were played at the EPRU – Eastern Province Rugby – stadium nearby.

The Stadium

The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium will host eight matches, including the match for third place, and a quarter-final match during the World Cup. The playing field of the stadium is natural grass with the only the surrounding areas to be made of turf.




Capacity of the stadium is about 46,000 people, and it is located close to city (about 15 minutes drive from most hotels), two kilometers from the ocean, overlooking the North End Lake. The stadium was equipped with state of the art technology, including two large viewing screens, and the roof was specially designed to withstand the stress of Port Elizabeth’s high winds.


Photo by Direkteur Begeleiding

One thought on “Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth

  • irene rule

    We at Nelson Mandela Bay have the most beautifull stdium of all and I now hear rumours that it might be dismantled, Please never think of doing, this , rather
    1. have rugby matches there
    2. Large concerts with all the popular local and international artists for one and all to enjoy
    3. the Opera House is ok but who knows when last the foundations were checked. We went and saw a triute to Queen at the Opera house and please believe me the whole balcony area was vibrating
    4.When Celion Dion was here we saw her at the rugby stadium, and once again believe me the facilities left much to be desired – especially the parking facility

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