Heartworks, Kloof Street, Cape Town: Shop Review

98 Kloof Street, cnr. De Lorentz
Gardens, Cape Town
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Specialty: Bright, funky crafts.
Tel: +27 (0) 21 424 8419
SA Blog recommends a look inside? Definitely




Further Insight & Opinion
If you’re looking for African crafts with a bright, non-traditional, modern slant, this is your store. The prices weigh in a bit heavily, but then again what’s on sale is quite unique. Unfortunately, what’s on sale can’t be shown, because Heartworks doesn’t have a website. So you’ll have to trek the long trek up Kloof St. to see for yourself. Have a coffee at Melissa’s when you’re done looking, to recuperate.


One thought on “Heartworks, Kloof Street, Cape Town: Shop Review

  • David M. Epstein

    Heartworks of Cape Town S.Z. has some of the nicest hand crafts our family has ever purchased. The prices are very reasonable for the products that they offer. Many of the items cannot be found else where. We have bought several carvings from Zim artists who work with tree trunks as well as hand bags, and small ceramic figures. We love you guys and wish you the best success.

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