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Surgery & Safari in South Africa

Doctors, nurses and other professional medical staff from South Africa have for years been migrating north to hospitals in the west, but lately the migration has experienced a bizarre reverse with many prospective patients, particularly those looking for elective surgery, coming to South Africa to take advantage of much cheaper […]

Leopard Savaging a Crocodile Caught On Film

This amazing phographic sequence was recently captured at Kruger National Park by American Wildlife Photographer Hal Brindley while he was concentrating on a unrelated subject. According to wildlife experts this is the first recorded or witnessed incident of its type. The incident astonished park rangers who had no explaination as […]

Top Ten South African Beaches

From Cape Town to Maptaland the range of beach and ocean-side destinations in South Africa is quite bewildering. From the potential for on-road/off-road and self-drive touring to dive, golf, whale watching, shark diving, beachside spa and wellness, big, small and medium game fishing, and if nothing else the great food […]

Boomer Travel In South Africa

Continuing the theme of debunking the bad press that has plagued South Africa in recent years, and highlighting in fact how safe it is to travel in SA, let’s have a look at the Boomer market, and why South Africa and surrounding region is the perfect destination for comfort loving […]